In the can today: the crafter erratic

I can remember as a child crafting with my mother. We made ceramics and painted them, created ornaments from cork, walnuts, paper crafts, sewing, knitting, moldmaking, plaster casting, and many more but none of these crafts ever stayed long in our house. We would start with a craft, invest in the tools and then a year or so later, start a new craft. The tools would then becoming fodder for some garage sale in the spring. I can remember thinking at University how that would never happen to me as an adult because money was so tight then ( not that it isn't now) but I cared for my tools and imagined myself using them for decades. I thought then, my mother and I were so fickle with our crafting.
Now that I am an adult and craft on my own, I too, somewhat shamefully find myself to be fickle. The tools I once cherished in University, I haven't touched in years. Last year I thought needle felting was beautiful, interesting and something I wanted to do. I purchased all of the tools and lots of wool, and made a lot interesting projects but this year I find that I am bored with it. I tried to use the rest of my wool and found no inspiration. Then I went shopping in Chapters and found a whole bunch of needle felted ornaments exactly like the ones I had made for my friends and family the year before. I felt two pangs of differing emotion: excitement because what I had made was interesting and cool enough that people in Indonesia also felt it was cool and had to make some, but then I also felt disappointment that this neat idea was now commercialized. Like buying a record and loving a song that hasn't been made into a single yet, and when it is released on the radio the song is somehow tarnished. So needle felting, though it's still in the early stages of becoming a craft in every home, has now lost some of it's appeal to me as a crafter. I don't think I am ready to give up the needles quite yet, but I might think twice before I shell out the dough for a new up and coming craft.
It also makes me think that other people must also be erratic with their crafting choices - What tools have you spent money on and now no longer need, want or look at? How many crafting tools are sitting in boxes waiting for your next garage sale in the spring?


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