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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A plush Robot who needs love.

Sometimes we can buy way too much fabric.  This is the case for a stuffed elephant I made for my nephew.  I had oodles leftover and couldn't decide what to do with it. Then I started doodling and thought - I think I need to make a lonely robot.
It was a pretty straightforward process. I drew out the basic shapes which were boxes and rectangles; figured out the size for each shape and sewed them together with a machine. To piece all of the shapes together I hand sewed A LOT. However when you are listening to a trashy audio novel like the last twilight book, then sewing by hand is the perfect thing to do to bide your time. To give this cutie lil' robot all the details such as the heart, eyes and mouth, I used some wool roving and needle felted the details onto him. I think he was a good use of excess fabric. The question now is what will I do with the rest of the 6 metres that I have left of this fuzzy Grey fabric. hmmmm..

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