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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Organizing... where did I get so much stuff?

It can be totally amazing how much stuff one can accumulate when crafting.. Today I decided to clean up my act a bit and organize just a little bit more. My aim = put all of the same things in the same spot, on the same floor. My problem was that I had several craft centres around the house.  This was because when Paul and I first moved in to this house, the spare bedroom was going to be the computer room and the "studio" space. However it has very much turned into Paul's Space, and I just end up using the kitchen table for everything anyways. So the large drawers which I had filled with random crafty bits was upstairs, but I always end up downstairs. A productive day today was as I have moved it all around, found new homes for things and organized like with like. It was satisfying, but also a little inspiring, touching all those materials that I know I could use for something cool.. what will it be next?

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