Garage Sales 4 Saturdays in a row!

AHh.. Spring time.. I feel  like  I need to dust the cobwebs off this blog because I haven't touched it in sooo freaking long! However my life has been BUSY. .  I have been going to the gym 5 days a week and trying to cook all this healthy food. Which cooking - man there is craft in that.  Something I am ever so slowly getting the hang of.  However Since i started working out and eating right I have lost -53 pounds. Which feels a lot lighter and I can do one hell of a lot more stuff! Like go to a billion Garage sales every Saturday for the past 4 Saturdays. ( this takes dedication.. and a super understanding husband..)

At these Garage Sales I have managed to purchase the following:

1) A sweet 1970's vinyl couch and his and hers chairs that I have recovered- 20 buckaroos for the whole set.

 2) Tons of beach books  -I call them that because it doesn't matter if they get sand all over them, and the plots usually aren't intense, so putting them down and picking them up the next time you get around to it won't be a big deal.

 3) Perennials- I do think this is the best way to get plants for your garden.  It's super environmental because they are just separating their perennials to make smaller ones and not having some big store or greenhouse use the heat to make them and gas to get the things to the store. I got a ton of stuff.. There was one great garage sale that had perennials for a dollar and there I got sweet pea climbers, coneflowers, daisies in a bunch of colours, red bee balm, phlox and feverfew. At a bunch of other ones I got some Irises, some Astilbe, a climbing hydrangea, some ajuga, and a peony!

4) Fabric, I love me a good retro print and I got a couple of them.. so yay!

5)  A little scotty dog porcelain soap holder. CHEESE.! but I love it.

This is really all that I got. The thing that I am reallllly looking for is my dream set of dishes.  I haven't found them yet anywhere - not in a store or a garage sale, but I am looking for em. I just need to find the right ones and the price has to be just right too..


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