Most of the stuff I have put on my blog has been crafts that I have done on my own, of my volition.  I would love to share with you all the work that I have been doing other than that, the work I get paid to do is that of a Propmaker, Scenic Artist and designer.So I have put a little portfolio together, it isn't my full portfolio but it does give a really basic idea of what the heck I do with my time.
A roughly sculptured deer head made from all metal, welded together with a MIG welder and shaped with hammers to create the shape. This was designed by myself and made to decorate my garden. 
These huge, head-covering, scary, patrolmen masks were designed by Katherine Lubienski.  I carved them out of blue foam and then used a vaccuumform machine to melt plastic around that shape. All the teeth are soft white fabric cut and sewn in a teeth shape and then stuffed. .

This is a chocolate bar wrapper I created in Photoshop for West Side Story.

 These are Helmets for Caeser and Cleopatra. They are made from a fibreglass mold, though metal pieces were used for the ear flaps, and the red bristles are from heavy shop brooms.
These are a set of gloves that I made for King Lear. The metal has been cut in the right shape then hand peened into the right curve to make them work properly.

This set of dress Armour was created for King Lear and designed by Anne Curtis.  I made the fibreglass chest plate, the fibreglass gorgette and the metal Articulated leg armour. 
This is a Carnival Mask I made for my father's birthday.  I sculpted it in plasticene, then vacuumformed the shape, I then added fabric, ribbon and wire to create the curly features at the top.

These Dead Rats were made for Taming of the Shrew designed by Santo Loquasto.  I made them out of fun fur, stuffing, some wood doweling, glue gun, wire and a couple of beads for the eyes.

The mask and costumes in this photo were both designed and created by me for a production of Romeo and Juliet with the Classical Theatre Project in Toronto.

When I was resident production designer for Smile Theatre, which was my first design job out of University, I designed, painted, built the costumes and the set for this show "Everything's coming up Rosie".  Even though this was quite some time ago I still love the paint job on this show.
This is yet another Smile Show in which I designed, painted and made the costumes.

 This floor is from a show at the Blyth Festival which was wood, coated with durabond then brushed to look like old wood, then painted and stained. My husband Paul built this.

This is from another show at the Blyth Festival where we had stained sections of wood to look like watercolour. The effect was quite stunning and it turned out to be a beautiful show. My husband Paul built this too!

Well, I think that's it for now. I didn't want to put anything we're working on right now, because I don't wanna give anything away for the season!


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