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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Come up to my room" yes please.

So "Come up to my room" is an art exhibit at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto and for part of the design week they did a really cool exhibit.  I really enjoyed myself and thought that the space was so cool.  So for those who have never been - The gladstone hotel has uses it's hotel rooms at exhibit rooms for it's art gallery ( hence the title "come up to my room") they have  such cool stuff and the other floors of the hotel also have exhibits but they actually have hotel rooms you can stay in. (Paul says with a snooty voice "it's a boutique hotel"). Anyhoo here are some of the things I felt were just wicked:

These were so beautiful. Orange thread spirograph 100's of them hanging from the ceiling. Gorgeous!(I didn't grab the name of the artist - I sincerely apologize... )

This is made of tiny cut pieces of PAPER - i know.. crazy awesomeness.. It was really bleak too. This is made by Jen Spinner.

I really enjoyed this linseed smelling piece. Paul went gaga over it. It was a forced perspective barn like structure that was about how urban sprawl has taken over what used to be farm land.  There were a lot of levels to it and Paul and I sat for a long time staring at it from different angles. This is by Lubo Brezina and Scott Eunson.

It's amazing how a simple idea - applied in an unconventional fashion can look stunning.  These are just papier mache balls joined together. SO COOL. The effect was brilliant and it made me think of the way marshmallows  melt and bubble and go all over the place.  This by Rina Grosman and Vivien Cheng.

I loved this piece. Again simple idea applied so ingeniously.  These are made with fan cages and pan-ties. They created this amazing pattern and they looked amazing. I would put this in my house. FOR SURE. This is by Mark McLean.

Here is what it looks like from afar.

This is it up close. Wicked right? Toy Soldiers piled up like that to make a peace sign. Oh the levels. This is also by Mark Mclean.
Okay Let's talk drool here. This room of work is amazing. Amanda McCavour created these amazing sketchlike thread pieces by sewing onto a fabric and then this magic fabric dissolves in water leaving her beautiful thread connections to create these images.  She created this fascinating room with depth and spacing of each of her pieces and I was agog.  LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

My opinion on Come up to my room is thus: I am going to to try and go every time they have a show. Clearly these curators know how to find thought provoking, fascinating work and I want to support what they represent as much as possible. 

I "heart" interior design show

  Obsession Confession: Design websites, blogs and magazines. 

I love them. I love reading them and I like following trends.  I may not have the stuff in my house but I drool over amazing designs of furniture, wallpaper, artistic and industrial designs.  So This weekend I went to a mecca event for my obsession: the interior design show in Toronto.  I have to say I was worried that it might be full of snooty people poo-pooing my clothing choices ( it may have taken two temper tantrums and a lot of clothes everywhere to make a decision on what to wear) and possibly looking down on us but it really wasn't. It was kind of a celebration of all things awesome in design. Sure there were people reallllly trying to sell there product but most people were just excited to talk about there cool Stuff and I really didn't talk to anybody who looked like a jerk anyway... So I intend on sharing with you the things that I thought were totally boss.

I love these geometric felted goats.  They are so cute and awesome.

Elte Rugs.  Gorgeous- the idea behind these rugs is fantastic.  They go to Turkey searching for old antique rugs that 30 -80 years old, then they strip them of colour and redye them.  They do these beautiful patchwork rugs because sometimes a full rug doesn't make it and it is very difficult to find the really large rugs that people want in antique rugs, so they make them with this gorgeous patchwork look. 

This is one of  the exhibits. It was done by Glenn Dixon and his brother.  It is based on Sadako and the 1000 Paper cranes ( which there are on the ceiling) He had built for this exhibit this really neat cocoon bed thing that I love. I liked to be all cocooned while sleeping...

These three pictures are of the brothers Dressler. Not only are these two boys super cute, there designs are fabulous too.  I love what they can do with wood... They made that fabulous chandelier, they used the ends of leather to cover this chair ( love, love love!) and they Used a lot of mixed reclaim and live edge wood.  Beautiful work and wonderfully crafted.  This exhibit maybe made me drool a bit.  I felt pretty dorky but I was in love with so many of there pieces. 

Up Country - Love their stuff.  Love this chair - It's kind of egg chair meets airstream trailer, and I want one bad bad bad.  I also love these cases - stainless steel and lovely leather. Yummy, it's very masculine but I love it anyway. I also saw the union jack just about everywhere.   

So I neglected to find out who did this.. I know poor form.  But I liked it and Paul LOVED it. It is an interestingly spalted wood table with a built in nexi clock. 
This piece I liked because it incorporated purposely rusted metal with wood. Also I am a sucker for rust orange and blue together. 
Overall I loved this whole thing. Don't get me wrong there were lots of people selling beautiful (and ugly) tiles, faucets, bathtubs, doodads that you never knew you didn't need and lots of snotty people but we just pretended we were rich and talked to everybody. Generally people were very interested in chatting about their stuff and most of the stuff was great.  I had a really good time and would highly recommend it.