ATCs - never heard of them?

ATC's - what on earth is that?  Well.. it's this neat "new" paper craft that is a bit cheeky.  So you know all the sports card that people collect?  How they all fit into the special sleeve to protect them and they sell albums to fill with them?  Well, the people in the artistic community/ crafting community have reinvented it and called them "Artistic Trading Cards"  They are the same size as the sports trading cards and it is amazing how much art and diversity can fit into a 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch rectangle.  I have recently started doing these things called Craft swaps with the community and I just finished doing an ATC Swap.  I did 7 cards for 7 different people and picked from a list of their themes for inspiration. They are kind of a lot of fun because you can dabble in an idea and not take forever to do it...

Steampunk theme. I went a little jules Verne.

Feudal japan theme

This is only part of one, but I liked the drawing so much I scanned it and not the whole finished thing..

Provinces of Ontario as a theme.
This theme was watercolour... so I did some teacups!
This one's theme was Strange sea life. It's a leafy sea horse. neat?


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