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This blog is all about things I have made. You can find intense embroidery, paper quilling mania, crazy gingerbread houses, masks, puppets, steampunk clothes, ornaments, wackiness and sculptures on this site. So have fun and check it out!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gallery 96 art piece

 I have recently put a piece in to an art exhibition called "Goddess - the she within we"  at Gallery 96 in Stratford.  It is literally across the street from me in a factory that has been converted into studios, an art gallery and art class space. I had gone to the Toronto Design show and seen this amazing art quilt that was 15 feet high and 20 feet across with large squares barely attached together.  I really liked how fragile it was and wanted to try something using a similar technique.

So I began to think about themes I wanted to explore and I had found that something that I am grappling with personally is my ability to make children or rather more importantly my inability to do so.  I am still going for tests and stuff so it isn't ruled out, but I have a lot of mixed feelings about it.  I found that the image of Venus of Willendorf was a perfect fit for me.  She was supposed to be a Goddess of Fertility, she was originally so small you could fit her in the palm of your hand. She was something that the nomads who worshipped her could take from place to place in their pocket or satchel.  (In one PBS special I watched about her, she was also likened to early pornography, but that doesn't have anything to do with my art piece.. just an interesting fact) As Fertility was so difficult in those times people praised the ability to have large child bearing hips, breasts that were full of milk to feed the children, and a healthy vulva ( sorry to be vulgar, but that is what she is all about) The irony really isn't lost on me that she is - to us- an obese woman.  My own obesity is one of the reasons I am having difficulty with my own fertility.

The other thing that I got me on to doing this project was the idea of a prayer quilt. As I began to work on it, not really knowing how exactly it was going to pan out I kept thinking about churches that do Prayer quilts. Usually it is for another person, so that they can feel the prayers of someone else when they use it to keep warm. I felt like this piece was a bit of a selfish prayer for myself in comparison to the original idea of the prayer quilt.  However the more I worked on it, the more a lot of different feelings began to come out and I realized that it was important that the piece didn't look perfect, that there were some places that were barely holding on, that were very loose because I too, feel that fragile.

So I entitled the piece "A loose Prayer" and that is why.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peacock Swap

So hopefully for those who have been reading my blog so far, I have been mentioning doing craft swaps. If you want an explanation read my other posts! Well I did a swap with the theme Peacocks and I had a bit of fun with it.  Here I will show you!

  So I made this tote bag out of the fabric I bought with my gingerbread house money ( thank you craftster) I had bought a whole wack of solid cottons and I just did applique.  My hubby points out to me that only male peacocks are blue, so then " why is it dressed like a woman?" I responded with "He is a cross-dresser and this is how he expresses himself.- get over it." tee hee
 So I bought a leather notebook and painted some peacock feathers on it.
 So this is the bit that took me FOREVER.. So I had seen these lovely Steampunk necklaces that were made with a combo of sculpey and little bits and pieces. I thought that would be wicked cool! However, the pieces I found just kept getting bigger and bigger until the necklace was starting to look like a really huge piece ( For some reason I thought Cher might wear this..I don't know..)

Anyways, So I found a lot of clock gears and bolts and jewellery bits and organized them in a way I thought looked most like a peacock.. It took more time than I would have liked and I think it makes more sense as a wall hanging, however it literally was the first piece of jewellry I had made..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alice in wonderland Swap

So as I have mentioned to some of you before, I have started to Craft swap.  If you don't know what that is - think of a pen pal that is personally picked for you and instead of writing to one another, we craft. Everything is based around a theme. So I have signed up for a couple of them and they are actually kind of interesting.  So the first one I did was about Alice in wonderland and these are things I made for my partner.

 So this one is a watercolour I did of Alice contemplating eating the cake which says "eat me" on it.

 My partner had "wisted" this item.  I was new to wists before this but basically it's a website where you put images of stuff you like so that they kind of have an idea of your style? I guess that is the best way to look at it.. if you wanna look at mine it's www.wists.com/mezcraft .

So this craft I made for her is basically a doll Alice that is in a little felt house which is far too small for her. Clearly she has drunk something which makes her grow way too big.
 Then this pillow. So for those of you who have watched one of the creepiest versions of Alice in wonderland out there - the 1985 Alice with a bazillion stars from Broadway/Vaudeville in it and there are songs which are written for it. Anyways, Carol Channing plays the white queen ( from through the looking glass) and she sings this weird song whilst flailing arms and singing "Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never ever jam today..." If you want to entertain yourself / creep yourself out watch it on youtube.. it's quite the number.