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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peacock Swap

So hopefully for those who have been reading my blog so far, I have been mentioning doing craft swaps. If you want an explanation read my other posts! Well I did a swap with the theme Peacocks and I had a bit of fun with it.  Here I will show you!

  So I made this tote bag out of the fabric I bought with my gingerbread house money ( thank you craftster) I had bought a whole wack of solid cottons and I just did applique.  My hubby points out to me that only male peacocks are blue, so then " why is it dressed like a woman?" I responded with "He is a cross-dresser and this is how he expresses himself.- get over it." tee hee
 So I bought a leather notebook and painted some peacock feathers on it.
 So this is the bit that took me FOREVER.. So I had seen these lovely Steampunk necklaces that were made with a combo of sculpey and little bits and pieces. I thought that would be wicked cool! However, the pieces I found just kept getting bigger and bigger until the necklace was starting to look like a really huge piece ( For some reason I thought Cher might wear this..I don't know..)

Anyways, So I found a lot of clock gears and bolts and jewellery bits and organized them in a way I thought looked most like a peacock.. It took more time than I would have liked and I think it makes more sense as a wall hanging, however it literally was the first piece of jewellry I had made..

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