Day of the Dead Swap - Part Deux

The second part of my Day of the Dead adventure was this skull that I papier mached.  I had been looking at all of these cool sugar skulls that the Mexican folk make for the Day of the Dead Celebration and I loved the intricate detail and the idea that you are wishing that those you love who have died are partying and having a good time on this day in their afterlife. So I molded the skull out of plasticene and then made a plaster mold of the skull.

After putting vaseline on the plaster I then pushed the papier mache into the mold to get my shape and voila it came out wonderfully! I painted it white then drew many designs on it. I used two different shades of purple to paint it. I think it is a happy skull.It was really like doodling on a head.. Quite fun really. And now that I have the mold I can make tons of them...

The cool part about this little guy is I didn't actually spend any money on him. I had plaster from a previous project, and wallpaper paste I always have for papier mache, then paper and paint!


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