Sweet, sweet curiosity.

This blog is all about things I have made. You can find intense embroidery, paper quilling mania, crazy gingerbread houses, masks, puppets, steampunk clothes, ornaments, wackiness and sculptures on this site. So have fun and check it out!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Steam Powered Dragonfly!

For a Hoopla Swap  I made a "Libellulah Vis Fumo" which is kind of my very loosely translated latin, meaning "Steam Powered Dragonfly". With the design I was trying to make it look like one of those old fashioned pictures with the butterfly displayed with pins on a board.  I drew it out kind of big and had to keep shrinking it down, and that is why I ended up doing such a big hoop (10") because any smaller and a lot of the tiny details might get lost.  I ended up taking a lot of the details out of the original drawing because I was crazy when I drew it that detailed.  crazy...
See? Crazy.

This was the first time I had employed the long and short satin stitch which sometimes worked well and then in some tighter spots my stitching got all fudgy, but I did feel I got better as I went.

I did run into a problem though. I started the design with the some vintage thread I found at a thrift store. Not  thinking I was going to do very much with the thread, I then found I really needed to do more! So there is a lot variation of the colours which ended up being interesting but I will really have to think that out more next time!

I realized that in order for the "gossamer clockwerk" wing to look lowered and more detailed, I had to use a single strand of thread, to do all of the gears.  Although this worked it also was much less forgiving so some of my "round" gears look less than round, but this was a wonky dragonfly anyway!

I am really enjoying doing embroidery. It is really relaxing and the more I do the better I get!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Bright Until the fall" - embroidery piece

I just finished a new embroidery piece that I was trying an experiment with.  I wanted to see how a t-shirt transfer combined with embroidery would work out.

As for the design - I seem to gravitate towards two things. Themes of things falling..( why? I do not know..) and of old illustrations so I decided to do this piece called "Bright until the fall" about the fall of Marie Antoinette. I chose an illustration of a chair from her period of time that really displayed decadence and then using embroidery to give them colour and more definition I put them cascading down into a jumble of dark colours and forms. This was a neat experiment for me because it was collage mixed with embroidery which I had yet to do. 

As for my experiment - T-shirt transfers make the fabric much thicker, they also can  release from the fabric in places where the heat didn't get as evenly distributed, so it did crack on one of the chairs... but only one.. so it is still okay!