"Bright Until the fall" - embroidery piece

I just finished a new embroidery piece that I was trying an experiment with.  I wanted to see how a t-shirt transfer combined with embroidery would work out.

As for the design - I seem to gravitate towards two things. Themes of things falling..( why? I do not know..) and of old illustrations so I decided to do this piece called "Bright until the fall" about the fall of Marie Antoinette. I chose an illustration of a chair from her period of time that really displayed decadence and then using embroidery to give them colour and more definition I put them cascading down into a jumble of dark colours and forms. This was a neat experiment for me because it was collage mixed with embroidery which I had yet to do. 

As for my experiment - T-shirt transfers make the fabric much thicker, they also can  release from the fabric in places where the heat didn't get as evenly distributed, so it did crack on one of the chairs... but only one.. so it is still okay!


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