Dang that's a bright hutch!

 The news in my oh so exciting life right now is that my 7 year old table from IKEA has ceased to function. I think a piece of furniture that was pretty cheap to begin with has paid for itself by lasting for 7 years so no loveloss there, however in the search for a new table to replace my defaulted IKEA one, I found a gem.  I must admit that I am a lady of low means, and can be described as "resourceful", "frugal", "treads carefully when money is to be spent" or just plain old "cheap". However one of my favourite thrift stores in my area is the New Hamburg Mennonite Thrift Store.  They have a lot of furniture and great craft supplies.  What we found when we looked was a table, hutch, 4 chairs, all together for the low, low price of $79.00. (The Tags on it read 150 so it was marked down. We got a deal!) Most of it is solid hardwood, but there were some not so pretty panels that we decided needed some love.  So we spent far too long in a paint store figuring out colours and went with some pretty wild ones. 
 The Colours are called "Venetian Turquoise" and "Limelight". Pretty wild for us. It took a really long time to pick the colours but after awhile we just decided to be gutsy and go with it. I would say it's a really big improvement from what it was before, definitely updated but the 60's/70's lines from the furniture come out nicely still!

We are also painting the table and chairs, but those aren't finished yet. I will post pictures when they are complete.


  1. I absolutely love this. Such great colors. I am totally inspired!


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