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Monday, November 28, 2011

Look at all the Stars and Constellations...

For yet another craftster swap I embroidered three constellations, Orion, Canis Major, and Draco. For those people who are on the up and up with their constellations there is a connection between the three, just not super obvious.  (Here is a clue, certain authors may have also used these constellations for inspiration..)

It was kind of fun to look up constellations and it was really easy to do.  All French Knots.. all the time...

It was actually fairly difficult to get an accurate transfer of the image because the fabric was so dark, so what I ended up doing was putting my paper image of the constellation in the hoop with the fabric and embroidering through both the paper and the fabric. It seemed to work out well, although I think some of the stars are a little bigger than they may be in real life. 

Steampunk airship!

 Here is another example of a Steampunk ornament I did for a craftster swap recently.  This one is an airship!  I was really just messing around and I had no clear plan I just started making shapes with wire, then covering in masking tape and then covering in apoxiesculpt.  ( My new favourite..)  I really like this little guy he makes me think of cartoon air ships.  I also found these really chunky steampunk looking carabeeners, that I attached to the top of this. I just hope it's not too heavy for a Christmas tree. 

Global Ornament...

What a Steampunk Globe! See here, now this is a revisionist version of the world map... I seem to have forgotten Iceland, and there may be a couple of extra islands in and around Japan.  Woops?  I was trying to make a globe similar to this one from an amazing website called "Plasticland". However I lacked several key components - such as an accurate map. It's harder than you think to draw a globe from a flat version of the world!  I had fun with it though. I used a stryofoam ball and then covered it with my new favourite crafting supply - "apoxiesculpt". It's a two part molding epoxy that you can shape into any form you want, takes 3 hours to set ( that's loads of working time..) and it will harden crazy hard in 24 hours, it is then waterproof! It takes paint really well too.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Rhino drawing

Here is a drawing I did that I am going to use as a base for piece of embroidery. I just thought I would show the stages of the process.  I really like this little guy. I did him on the computer, which is not something I do a lot of but we do have one of those little tablets for drawing on.  I used one of the photographs from my Toronto Zoo adventure as the inspiration.