All the little Steamships hanging in a row...

Here is an example of another of my Steampunk ornaments that I made for a craftster swap.  This one is a series of Steamships that I found on old 18th century drawings.. I found this great topographical map fabric and embroidered them on that.  I also found these great brass rings that came in a couple of different sizes. I embroidered the images, then cut it out and stretched it over the brass rings. I then added a little bit of gimp and voila a cute little ornament. This is the first time I incorporated felt into my embroidery and I think it went rather well.
 So these are my silly little doodles on how I finished the back of these.  I put the brass ring in the centre of the fabric circle. Which I had made about 3/4 of an inch bigger than the brass ring.

 I then took embroidery floss and stitched the top and bottom together, folding the fabric over the ring, stretching that taut. Then I moved on to stretch the sides. Similar to stretching a canvas except it is by pulling threads together.
Then I continued this process all the way around the back until the fabric sat nicely. I then put a piece of felt on the back and it finishes quite nicely! 


  1. LOVE!!! What a neat little idea. Straight from the crafty can. I love the love of detail in this. So much fun. Keep going!!!


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