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Monday, December 12, 2011

Great Balls of Foam make Super Colourful Ornaments!

So my previous post I did a tutorial to make these same balls out of paper.  Well.. I went looking about my house for colourful paper and I did not have ANY! I did, however, have scads of this foam you can buy from the dollar store.  To do all five of these balls, I used 6 sheets of foam. So lemme make that clear $1.00 = 12 sheets so that will get you 10 balls. Pretty sweet deal.

Lemme save you some heartache. Dont put foam through a printer. The Printer will hiss at you, and make this awful chug, chug, cough, sputter that you think is the death of your printer. As luck would have it, I didn't kill my printer, but neither did it want to print on my foam. I must admit it was a bit of a long shot in the first place. Seeing as that didn't work, I ended up tracing the pattern onto the foam which worked just fine!

I cut out 6 different sheets of colour and I got 11 shapes out of each piece of foam.

I then made a loop out of foam as well and hot glued that on. And voila a myriad of several colours of flowerballs made from Foam! On Another note: The foam was actually very easy to work with, much easier than paper and had a higher tolerance for bending without creasing... Plus you can throw them at people and it doesn't hurt, or give paper cuts!

On the tree they are such a vivid pop of colour, I also think they would make a great mobile if done in several different sizes for a kids room.

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  1. nice work our kids are now busssy whit it ,rene ,Roosendaal the Netherlands