Harry Potter Gingerbread House just keeps going!

Hey Folks, So Last year I made this Harry Potter, Weasley's Gingerbread house which I did a post about last January, however I was recently  asked to do an Instructables step by step instruction manual on how to build this. It took me way too long because I only had about 14 pictures so I did some watercolour renderings ( that are a bit ridiculous) to demonstrate the points I didn't have pictures for.  I also entered the "Cookies challenge" with this Instructable and would super duper appreciate it if you could make your way over there and vote for my entry! I could win an Ipad 2 of which I have been drooling over, since they came out.  ( Let's be honest here folks - I work in theatre, there's no way I can afford to buy one!) That being said here is the link to the instructable which I am not sure is public yet, but it will be so check it out. Here is an example of one of my silly drawings:

This one is to show how I imagine what all of the ingredients of the 4 double batches of gingerbread in a big pile would look like.

This one is what mixing all the dry ingredients up together looks like...

So go check it out on Instructables.. cause it just gets sillier...

Here is the link to the actual contest - My entry is now eligible so please vote!.


  1. LOVE your Weasley house Featured (Wow!) on the Instructable front page. But how do we vote for it? It's not shown in the cookie contest pages... Help us help you get the iPad2!

  2. The entry is now up! Please go to vote! Thanks so much!


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