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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh such Sad Felt Pinecones...

I am still going crazy with the ornaments. This one was very quick, it only took me about 2 hours to make three of these. I am not entirely happy with these little guys, but I think they are kind of funny, so I will share. Well, not every craft can be a total success but we learn from them all the same! I feel like my problem with these was I should have maybe made the under shapes a little more carefully, and perhaps kept the size of the pinecone tines not quite as long.


4 pieces of felt, 2 blue, 2 cream
Hot Glue

To start out I bought 4 pieces of felt, 2 blue and 2 cream.  I used spray adhesive to glue the blue to the cream. 

I then squished together some tinfoil to make a shape remniscent of a pine cone or perhaps a little tinfoil cone.

I cut the felt up into 3 different widths of strips, probably about 8 strips of 3/4" length, then a bunch of strips of 1" then a bunch of strips of 1-1/4" length. ( Sorry I didn't actually count...) I then cut those into triangle shapes, alternating on the strip as to get the most out of it. Then I rounded the ends off.

I then began gluing them on the to the tinfoil shapes.  I started with two small size at the very tip, then began circling around that, alternating at each layer so they weren't all right on top of each other.

 At about a third of the way up, I moved to medium sized pieces, then again at 2/3rds of the way up I moved to the largest.  I then put a loop of felt at the top to attach it to the tree. 

This one kind of looks sad, not quite right? Yes, I think so. One of them turned out okay -

It wouldn't be Christmas without something that felt really homemade right?

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