Put a bird on it - with buttons...

  This Christmas, I had a hard time finding something I thought my mom would like. I looked in a lot of stores, and most of the time, I kept thinking to myself, "she has everything! What do I give her?" So I decided ( as I have many years... ) that I would make something for her. I had seen some versions of something similar to this in bright colours, but I just didn't think that suited my mom.  I found a picture of a bird, and took the outline, lightly traced it onto a sheet of watercolour paper with carbon paper.  I then went through ALL of my buttons. I got a lot of these buttons from a fabric sale that the Stratford Shakespeare Festival had.  Most of these buttons are extremely tiny and white and a lot of them were the spare button that shirts come with in a little baggie. Quite a few of them are pearl and different shades of pale pink, blue white and clear.  I then glued each button inside the outline and voila! a cute little "Button Birdie". It's simplicity makes me kind of happy.


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