Snow Globe home for a wee lil' owl

This is a fun recycled stuff project! I got everything I needed for this from the Sally Ann, except for the cork board! I probably spent 2 dollars on this.

 I got this neat glass bulb dome normally used for ceiling lamps, a bunch of ornaments, and a small piece of cork
 I traced a circle in the cork board, then cut it out with an exacto blade, I kept checking to make sure that it fit, I had to shave a couple pieces off here and there.
 I then began assembling my vintage ornaments in a happy fashion, then glued and stuck them into the cork.  I consistently check before gluing to make sure that I would be able to put the glass ball over the arrangement, other wise I wouldn't be able to get it into the space.
 I then added Cotton Balls as my snow. Super cheap, and oh so effective.
Once I got everything the way I wanted it on the cork board I stuck it in, and glued it down. Make sure your ball is clean before you do this though, cause you aren't getting back in there. 
 I wanted a little star on the back out of shiny, tiny beads so I put double sided tape on the outside of the ball, drew a pattern on it, then cut into it with an exacto blade.  I peeled off the rest of the double sided tape and got a wicked shape that I then sprinkled with sparkles!

Here is the finished Dude! Isn't he adorable in his little star sparkled dome!


  1. I love this, saw it on Craftster at xmas (I'm Mink_Bikini there)


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