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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alice working some Kung Fu on Cross Hatch Embroidery

I decided to make this Alice in Wonderland inspired hoop after looking at original illustrations from the books. I redrew the image, as I thought Alice's face looked a little mean in the drawing and I wanted to uncomplicate it by taking away all the animals at the bottom.  I also reshaped it so it fit better into the space of the hoop I had to work with. You can see the original image below...

I have never done cross hatching in embroidery before, and I must say it is quite liberating. I love the effect and it goes really quickly, looks clean and gives a neat sketchy feel to the embroidery. Working in a single coloured thread also lends to this sketchy feeling to.  For some reason the way I positioned her arms looks a bit like she is about to do Kung Fu, but once I saw how silly she looked I thought it kind of updated her in a way. 

I supremely enjoy working with cross hatching and will be employing it as a technique in my stitch arsenal from here on out.


  1. The stitching looks great! I love the crosshatching effect too! Must give that a try.

  2. amazing- the cross hatching looks awesome

  3. Love it - very clever translation of the original picture.