Cuckoo Clock Gingerbread House! Part two...

This is Part 2 of 3 of my Gingerbread Clock Stories. As My Model was done, I began to make Gingerbread Dough.  I whipped up a quick batch of Gingerbread using the standard tasty yet hard recipe. The funny part is, I don't really like Ginger, so I just put a lot more cinnamon in and didn't put any ginger in... I would call this a Cinnamonbread House, but I don't think it sounds right... Anyways after I let it chill for two hours I started rolling out the dough and I got my first piece all ready to put on the cookie sheet when lo and behold my cookie sheet was TOO SMALL! I cut off a corner of the largest pieces ( the back and the front) and I think that the branches that go on the front will cover up my mishap, but boy, did I ever feel silly.

 This front piece has the Clock face and Cuckoo Bird hole. This took a lot of careful cutting in the gingerbread to make this work.
 Here is what cutting out the gears looked like using my gear templates.  I used a sharp paring knife to cut all the gingerbread.
 This is a picture of about half of the pieces. You can see that I did carve in some details on each piece of gingerbread. I thought it was appropriate because I wanted this to look like carved wood. It took me a day to bake all the pieces for this clock, and 2 batches of gingerbread.

Here is my first attempt at putting the gears together with candy cane axles. They seem to work which is pretty darn exciting...!
Here is my final assembly for the gear parts. I have left the icing to dry and have crossed my fingers that the Gears will still work after all of it dries...
The reindeer shield came out okay, I wasn't terribly impressed by the whole thing, it's really heavy and the antlers were realllllly hard to stick on.. I hope they last!

Stay tuned for Part Three! The final reveal! 


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