Cuckoo Clock Gingerbread House -Part Three - the final chapter!!

Well here it is in it's full finished Glory! 

It's kind of a sad Gingerbread Cuckoo Clock because no matter how I tried that Second Antler did not want to live. I stuck it back on about 6 times before I decided that perhaps I could let that go! It reminds me of that Dog from The Grinch with his one antler tied on his head! 

 The Acorn counterweights are hung with licorice string.

 So you know all the hype and the build up about the gears? Well it turns out that icing and free wheeling gears don't go well together. Not that you can even see it! I thought perhaps you would but you really have to look closely to see that there are gears inside the clock, even when you are standing in front of it, hence why you can't see it in the picture!
 Can you see the gears? Just barely in this picture.. perhaps if I shot some crazy bright light inside... maybe I should take a photo with some lights inside.. hmm.. that might come later!

 I really like this little bird ready to do his cuckoo sound. 

 On all of the gingerbread pieces I added dark brown shadows to emphasize the "wood cut" feeling of the gingerbread.  I also painted with icing on the clock.  The hands are made with icing that was put directly onto parchment paper to get that detail.

 Well Here it is. Overall I think it looks the way I want it to, but I wish I could have gotten that antler to stay on!!! What do you think? Are you disappointed I couldn't get my gingerbread gears to work and that you can't even see them? It's okay - I know that they are there and it's like I gave my little cuckoo clock a heart instead of being a hollow shell.

I really do like making gingerbread! I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to when I can do this again! I will just have to keep brainstorming ideas for next year... 

Just for those who can't get enough of this project I have created a full tutorial in more depth on .


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