Huichol Embroidered Pony

I have been fascinated by the bead and yarn paintings of the Huichol culture for some time now and decided that I would use that to create an embroidered piece.  I made this hoop for a woman who is a Spanish teacher and thought she might appreciate it.

 This is the orginal image I used to create the piece. I love these sculptures covered in tiny glass beads that the people of the Huichol Culture have been creating for many years.
 I am  a big fan of french knots and thought if I did the whole thing in french knots than it would be like the glass beads that the huichol used. The size of my knots in comparison to the beads, did change the definition a bit, but I really like the result it created.  It also reminds me of a pinata!


  1. Your art is stunning!!!!French knots always gave me problems, so I Really appreiciate all the love that went into this..Lucky lady that got this...

  2. You are AMAZING!!! The detail is right on.
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. june in ireland who loves to craftJanuary 31, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    This is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. The colours truly make me smile. I've only just begun working with seed beeds, and I am in love with the craft. Being in a bead shop is like a little kid being in a sweets shop - a feast for the eyes, first and foremost. I've just only found your blog, but I'm definitely subscribing as soon as I send this comment off to you. Thank you for being so inspiring - this is truly beautiful craftsmanship.

  4. This is fantastic - I was considering doing a very small french knot piture - and saw this on pinterest. - you're very talented - hope your partner appreciates the work you put in.

  5. sooo pretty i totally love all the huichol and wixarika artcrafts.. is just awesome!!


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