A little Miniature Book Bling... Bookshelf Pendant

For another craftster swap, I made this bookshelf pendant. I am not normally a jewellery maker but something about this struck me so I decided to make it.  The idea for this came from this girl's etsy shop however, I liked the idea of using real book covers so I found some great covers from an exhibit on artistic book covers from the 1920's and 30's. There are some really great covers that work really well with this.
I have recently decided that I have tooo much stuff in my house, and I don't want to spend money! So I made this out of stick-on oak veneer that I had lying around from another project. I basically stuck two layers together and that's why you can see a line in the middle of each piece of wood. It worked really well and I used a little apoxie sculpt on the finished shelf to finish it off and put on the rings at the back.
To stain it I used a dollar store "fix your wood" stain pen. It works really well and the colour is always right with these. 
 Basically I printed out very tiny books on glossy paper ( as glossy paper seems to detain the most detail when things are very small.) Then I cut them out and put a bit of ApoxieSculpt inside of each book to be the pages and to make them stronger.  This dries incredibly hard when finished drying.

This is what the necklace looked like on.  Pretty wacky. Also just in case you were wondering about  the little white dots on some of the books- it's because they have a library sticker. I kind of liked it so I kept it on! Because really who doesn't wanna walk around with a miniature bookshelf with library books on it around their neck!


  1. This is amazing! Such a neat idea!


  2. This is so gorgeous I love it when projects come from what you had around your crafting space.


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