Look what the Yeti made...

For another swap I claimed a crafter for a "yeti" hoopla, so I started to sketch a lot of Yeti's and decided that this was a friendly Yeti. I thought I would make a happy Yeti, one that liked to craft just as much as me. He also felt the need to celebrate something, I think it was soon to be someone's birthday, so he made this pendant garland to decorate the trees and snow around him.
 I used very light pencil crayons to get the colour on his body. I was going to use felt, but I didn't have any the right colour and I have sworn to not buy any new materials this month. ( Which I have been okay with so far, only a little bit on the paper for my monograms but other than that I have been super good.)
What do you think? Should I do more drawings of this Yeti? I have grown quite fond of him! 


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