Blackbird and Birch Trees Silhouette Embroidery

 For the most recent Hoopla swap on I was challenged with making a silhouette for a partner who liked so many things it was hard to pick what to make her.  She had mentioned that her totems were both blackbirds and birch trees. I too have an affinity for Birch trees so I decided to focus on that. After many sketches I ended up with this design.
I used variegated black and grey thread for the outlines of the trees. I used a ton of black thread to fill in and for a little subtle wink of colour a dark brown thread for a couple of details. I am really all about the short and long stitch on my filler stitches because satin stitch and I don't always communicate well. This is an 8 inch hoop that I painted black on the outside to tie in my colour choices.
 As far as design goes, this is one of my most favourite hooplas.  It took me a very long time to come up with this design and I hope that my partner liked it.  


  1. Holy Macaroni you're talented! Just saw all your posts and you have mad talent.


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