Sweet, sweet curiosity.

This blog is all about things I have made. You can find intense embroidery, paper quilling mania, crazy gingerbread houses, masks, puppets, steampunk clothes, ornaments, wackiness and sculptures on this site. So have fun and check it out!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


So I have been trying to get this together for some time now, but I have just gotten some items up on the site. I have never done this before but I am really looking forward to what will come of it.

My shop is called "ACOCC" which is a short form for: ( you may have guessed this) but it's A CAN OF CRAFTY CURIOSITIES. Gotta love a useful acronym.

I don't have a ton of items on there right now, but I will get there in time.  I need to finish up all of my swaps before I super duper focus on content for it. That being said, if there is anything I have created on the blog that you would be interested in purchasing from me, Lemme know! I can do that now!

I intend on selling my quilling pieces, embroidery pieces, art pieces and sculpture. Currently I just have quilled monograms on there. But hey - you have to start somewhere!

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