Questionable Robot RW23 embroidered!

 I have started a series of embellished fabric hoops surrounding some cute robots.  I painted with acrylic paint and embroidered this little hoop. Questionable Robot RW23 is the first in my series.

Here is what I was thinking about him when I made him:

 Questionable Robot RW23 is a quizzical robot who has stumbled on some funny philosophical circuitry and must ask itself “what is right and wrong?”  He is quite confused and has not moved in 4 days due to his inability to come to a clean and complete answer.  Perhaps you can help him answer this dubious question. Is what’s right and wrong very clear to you? Or Perhaps you are also quizzical like this robot!

He is for sale on my etsy page, if you need to ponder this question more!

He is in a blue plastic 6" hoop.  I am excited to do more like him... My next robot ponders on love... 

 Doesn't he look so confused?


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