Quilled Monograms Workshop

Recently, I was approached by a family friend to host a workshop to teach a few folks how to make their own quilled monograms.  This sunday, 5 charming ladies and I made some wonderful quilled monograms, (Superbowl vs. crafting... crafting wins every time... sorry...).  It was really interesting to see how other people approached making them and what they came up with.  As filling in the monograms is very much like doodling, each one of the ladies had their own specific style.  I was very impressed with them all and am glad I had the opportunity to share this fun craft with others.  I really do think that these are deceptively simple. The hardest part is really getting the letter to be in the right shape.

 Here are some in progress shots of the ladies creating an S and an R.
There were a lot of participants who wanted to do the letter J! You can see them all in this shot.
  Here are the finished monograms of a  J and a D.  One of the ladies couldn't make it to the workshop, so I finished her letter, mine is the letter D.

This was a lot of fun, and I would love to do more of these. It was just amazing how different people interpret the same project. The whole day was really fascinating and engaging! Thanks to the ladies who came out to the workshop!


  1. How fun!! I wish I could have been there :). Looks like the results are beautiful.

  2. It was really FUN! And yes, each participant had success. Michelle is a great instructor - brings together just the right blend of demonstration direction and encouragement, plus adds healthy dose of hilarity and honesty. "I want to do more" heard across the board by the end of the afternoon. And several participants completed their project in the three hours we were together! Thanks again Michelle! xo


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