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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There is nothing like saying "I love you Canada" and that's what I was really saying when I stitched this little piece.  I did this for a Canadian Swap on Craftster and thought it was most fitting.  I must say that there are some discrepancies in my Baffin Islands and some places were literally three stitches ( PEI) but it was a lot of fun. I used satin stitch in alternating diagonals to get the geometrical feel. I can really tell where I started and where I finished because I was getting better at the stitch as I went! Hope you like it... and for my American followers, I like you too, but Canada is my home!


  1. I love this embroidery and it would look so wonderful on my wall, wait a minute, it is on my wall! :-)

  2. Love it!! Cindy is a lucky gal!

  3. It's lovely and so nice to see something that so obviously says "Canada"! Well done.