Featured Embroiderer on Craftster!

Recently on a website I frequent far too often called Craftster.org, I was honoured with a feature interview about my "Dementor vs Patronus" Embroidery hoop that I created... It was really exciting as I have been a part of that community for over a year now, and there are some incredibly talented folks who present their pieces in this community. Having this featured interview was kind of like getting a nice big hug from these folks so I thought I would give a shout out and thanks to them from here. 

P.S.If you haven't checked out the amazing arts, craft and fine work on Craftster.org, I would suggest you block off an afternoon and gawk at the talented artisans who post their pieces on there. It's pretty cool stuff!


  1. That is a beautiful piece of embroidery! It's really well thought out - has a lot of depth. :)


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