I have had this blog for about a year now, and it has occurred to me that I have never done something that so many blogs have done before me...
and that is my very FIRST GIVEAWAY!

I am giving away a FREE 8 x 10 Custom Quilled Monogram.  Colours and letter of your choice to be built by me, once the winner is announced March 24. I have been building so many of these Quilled Monograms for clients on my Etsy Shop and I really like making them so I thought I would make one  for a giveaway.

What can you do to win yourself a pretty Monogram? You may do the following :
1. Become a follower of my blog, if you are not already.
2. Post a comment and Answer these questions -
          What letter would you pick for a monogram and why does it have meaning for you?

Entries will be accepted until March 23rd, 2012. I will randomly select a winner from the comment posts on March 24. I look forward to hearing your stories about your monograms!
No longer accepting entries this giveaway is closed!
International entries accepted! All are welcome!



  1. Oh these monograms are so cool! I would love to learn how to do this :-)
    I would either choose the letter B, in purples, for our first born baby girl, Bianca, or I would pick the letter K, in blues, to give as a gift to my mother-in-law who lost her son, Kent.

  2. I follow your blog on 'Bloglovin'. I would love a monogram with the letter 'P' for my cat Pixie that died in 2010. If I win, I'd very much like it to be in orange-y colours. Big fan of your quilling - I've tried enough myself to understand how much patience is required!

  3. Ooooh! My son's name is Dante but we call him "Big D" so I'd pick the letter D!

  4. I am already a blog follower...and actually just ordered a letter G from you as my new last name is Gregg.... so what other letter would I pick? I would probably go with a J for my sweet little nephew Jesh's room.

  5. I am a follower. My letter would be D as it's the beginning of our surname and I call my hubby D and I'm Mrs D. My son would love it in his room!
    susand1408 at googlemail dot com.

  6. GFC follower.

    I'd pick the letter C for two reasons. It's the first letter of my son's name (we've only got one child, not playing favourites!!) and it is also the first letter of our surname so it would be great on both fronts. Would love to win one of these as they look beautiful!

  7. I'm now a follower- just found you today and am hooked! I've been quilling off and on for 9 years but have never thought of doing a monogram. I love it! I'd pick either "Y" for myself (my last name) or a "S" for my mom. She is getting married next month and it would be a fun to give her something with her new last name.

  8. I am a follower with gfc! I would choose the letter T, because I am getting married to my best friend in just 2 months, and my new last name will be Tucker. I think it'd be a great marriage and house warming gift!

  9. I am a follower.
    I would choose the letter C as it is the first letter of my mom's name. I think she would really enjoy this


  10. I'm a follower- I would pick H because my first and last name both start with it, and my mom's maiden name started with H as well.


  11. Followed on gfc :)
    I would pick the letter M. M is the first letter of my little cousin's name, Mariah. Mariah is much more than a cousin to me though. She lived with me and my mom for a few years of her young life (she's about to turn 10!) and her and I have always had this very special connection ever since then. She no longer lives with me but she will always be my best friend in the entire world, and I'm hers. She knows she can tell me anything and that I am always here for her. I actually just recently moved from my hometown in Missouri to North Carolina and the eight hour difference between us has been incredibly hard on both Mariah and I. I haven't been able to visit home in over a year now, and not seeing my baby girl for that long breaks my heart. Luckily, I plan on visiting this summer and finally reuniting with her! It would be lovely if I could take her an awesome quilled monogram for her to put up in her bedroom when I see her again! :)

  12. Meesh! I've been stalking your blog (via google reader), and I'm going to comment but you don't have to include me in the draw, seeing as I know you in real life and all. If I had to pick a letter, it would be G - it's the first letter of my sweetheart's last name, and he has lost both his parents in the last 5 years, so creating a family identity is really important to him right now. Plus we're going to get day, when we get around to it! Keep up makin' all the beautiful stuff, I love seeing it. xo's

  13. New follower!

    I would get "R" as my letter. Our last name starts with R and it's also starts my husband's name. I can imagine it up in our house in our living room. So creative and unique.

    breonna dot roberts at gmail dot com

  14. I am a follower of my blog---tina.f

  15. I think that these are so beautiful. I would pic L for my new great nephew who is 4 months old as he is a little sweetie and deserves something so special

  16. Once upon a time, for my 30th birthday, my friend made a play on my name:
    A: Awesome
    N: Ninja
    G: Great
    I: Iconic
    E: Emergetic
    Wait... ninja? Well... okay! so the moral of this tale? A! A is for Awesome.
    I love keeping up on all of your creative adventures on your blog Meesh!

  17. I would choose the letter R for my first name- thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I follow through GFC and I would get the letter R for my granddaughter, Riley. This would look so beautiful on her bedroom wall!

    sandy dot hardman at gmail dot com

  19. follower
    letter, 'e'
    for my last name

  20. I am a follower. I would probably pick the letter G for our last name.

  21. I am following you via GFC - mrslaurenayer Lauren Ayer aggcalifornia

    I would choose the Letter A since my last name is Ayer :) It would look gorgeous in my home! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!



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