Questionable Robot LUV41- embroidery

 Questionable Robot LUV4 is the newest in my Questionable Robot series.  I had a lot of fun with him... he was so cute to begin with!

Here are my crazy thoughts about him:

Questionable Robot LUV41 is a robot in a conundrum. He recently met a very sweet robot of whom he has taken a liking to, and he has heard of this idea of love, but he does not know how to make it compute. He knows what definitions of love tell him, but that does not allow him to fully understand. After thinking about this question for several days, his eyes turned into hearts and bubbles shaped like hearts began appearing around him.
 His eyes give him that sucker punched by love kind of look. I think it makes him look cartoony.

He is in an 8 inch hoop. He is also for sale on my Etsy page... 


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