Questionable Robot NR31- Embroidery

 This is the third in my Questionable Robot series.  I wanted to make him slightly more philosophical. 

What is the Nature of reality? I think that I approached this question in several of my philosophy classes in good ole University. I never did very well in my philosophy classes, Perhaps if I had a robot to posit solutions I would have done better.

Here is what I was thinking about when I made him!

Questionable Robot NR31 has found himself computing on a question which there is not simply one answer to. He has asked "What is the nature of Reality?" Is reality simply what our senses tell us? For a robot that limits his reality as his senses are different than ours. Is his reality different from ours? Is yours different from the next persons? Do we create our own realities? This robot has spent a great deal of time in one place just researching what others have said on this topic as well as his own interpretations... He predicts he won't need to ask another question for quite some time as this one seems to keep him busy.

 I think this will be the last one I do... I like them, but I have conjured up 5 paper quilling designs that I intend to do, I just have to sit down to quill them...  That will be next on the block for sure.  I will keep you posted.


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