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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quilled Octopus Frollicking in the Sea!

 This Octopus is my newest Quilled Paper piece. It is an orginal quilling design which is my First Octopus of Two that I am working on. I also have drawings for a whole series of sea creatures, so I have a lot of ideas rumbling about. This took me quite a long time but it was really fun to do. The Waves were my favourite part.

  There are so many little tiny tight curls in there! It's pretty neat what happens with different light too.
This is also for sale on my Etsy Page, should you be so inclined to add this to your walls!


  1. Michelle,

    He's absolutely gorgeous.... I am seriously tempted to snatch him up! I look forward to seeing what other sea critters you work up.

  2. Whoa!! That is an incredible piece of artwork!! Pure awesome.

  3. That is the most amazing quilling I've ever seen!!

  4. lovely artwork