Day Three of Renovation!

 The Demolition has begun! Now my house is without carpeting upstairs, without wallpaper on some of the walls, without the built in twin bed upstairs. As well, some of the wood paneling is gone and we made a lot of interesting discoveries.

 We discovered that the wallpaper in the Living room was on top of primed gyp rock, which was great because I had heard all of these horror stories about trying to get wallpaper off of an unprimed wall. I was also kind of afraid there would be paneling underneath the wall paper. It came off pretty easy which was a blessing!

This was one of the most awesome discoveries we made. We were very curious as to what was underneath the wood paneling in one particular room. Well the answer? Underneath the Wood paneling to the left was the wood paneling to the right. Both of equal "not awesomeness".

 We took down the above pictured vertical blinds and discovered that without them, our house looked so much more modern! The window casings were really well done and seeing those made the space just look lovely. Also Creme and pink are lovely colours, they just are not my style. 

We also discovered that there were some interesting/unwise choices made regarding the electrical work.  So we are trying to fix the "bones" of the house first before we get to a lot of the aesthetic stuff (which is what I really want to do!) For instance there is a dimmer on the light in the bathroom, which I thought was great because I could turn the lights down and have nice intimate lighting for a relaxing bath, however the electrical outlet in that room is also on that same dimmer.. not cool former home owner, not cool.

My mom and dad are here helping us out and I can not tell them enough how much I appreciate their help.  We really are lucky to have extra hands as we are both still working as this is going on.


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