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Monday, April 16, 2012

Featured in the British Horological Journal

Have any of you recently read your copy of the British Horological Journal? NO?  Well, it is a journal or magazine specifically made for Watch Makers and I am featured in it. Why? Because I am the butt of a joke, a joke I let myself be the butt of ... ( this is starting to sound bad..) anyways... For the April Edition of the journal they wanted to play a prank on the readers so they put my Gingerbread Clock in and wrote the weirdest article about it that barely made sense, a lot of it was in Latin and very much lost on me.. One of my British friends read it and said "Oh, this is funnier if you are British.." I could only laugh!
The good news is this is the first time I have ever been published in a magazine and I am going to take that as a win even if I am the April Fool!

It is a bit silly really on it's own isn't it ? Anyway, If you would like a copy you can go to to the British Horological Journal website and get yourself one...

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