Our new house...

Although my blog is generally about needlework, crafting and quilling, in the future I will be branching out even more (blog writers everywhere are saying "no, don't do it!"). However, I have bought a house which is very exciting but my amazing house needs some serious aesthetic changes.  I intend to share them with everybody on my blog because, I really doubt that I am going to have time to a lot of crafting or time to blog about crafting that I am not doing as I will be tearing down wallpaper and painting and moving and, and, and.... oh boy there is so much to do!

Here is some "before" photos to wet your palette... If you have any ideas for my humble abode do share!!!
 Some lovely floral basket wall paper - Which is not to my taste so that will be gone along with the doily curtains... The Home inspector suspects that there is wood paneling behind this wallpaper..
 Basement: Paneling, paneling paneling... and this neat little stair detail...
 Paneling and white paint... there is a lot of this in the house.. this is a bedroom.
 Paneling and stained plywood, This is another bedroom...
 Stairway to upstairs... Wallpaper....
Kitchen backsplash, raised vinyl wallpaper right beside a different pattern of wallpaper...

As you can see I have my work cut out for me! We are on a tight budget as we will be "house poor" for a bit but I suppose that is to be expected when you buy your first house! Despite all of the aesthetic stuff about the house we really love it. The garden is fabulous and I can't wait to have a vegetable garden...

Any good/crazy/interesting ideas out there?


  1. This will be your biggest craft project yet!! I can't wait to see your transformations.

  2. Hey Michelle, It's Sarah Gelbloom-Moleme. I definitely think that a few coats of white paint would go a long way. Then you can jazz it up with your flair. Create your canvas honey! BTW, I think when you paint wood paneling white it can look unreal! What ever you come up with, I'm sure you'll have fun. Here's a link that may help... http://www.paintideas.com/Paintideas/projects/558/painting%20wood%20paneling

  3. You got a beautiful house there! Congratulations!

  4. I second the white paint. It's really amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Your house will be fab in the end. Also, if the wall paper is being nightmarish to remove I totally recommend getting yourself a steam wallpaper remover. Can't wait to see what you do with the place!

  5. Congratulations! Buying your first house is a big milestone. Yes, it sure looks like a lot of hard work for you in the next few weeks. But hey, think of it as an opportunity to further express your creativity -- this time by decorating your own home. Have fun!

  6. Yeah, with all that paneling, that looks like a lot of work. How's the reno going? True, home modifications come with the "new home package". Hehehe. This definitely marks a new chapter in your life. Cheers!

  7. White paint gives a house a more refreshing feeling! Not just that; it can make your house look more spacious! Some people actually prefer a dirty white paint because it doesn’t look “grungy” right away. It’s still your choice. I just suggest you create a design that would fit your personality. It is your home, so choose a design that suits you. Congratulations!

  8. Painting your wood paneling or even the wall of your house white, would give it a very warm look. It is considered the “behave” color because it goes well with different hues. Your main concern now is how to blend well the color of your furniture and other interior decorations. Good Luck, Michelle!

  9. I have a color suggestion for the bathroom. If you want to have a spa-like feel while you’re using it, you can paint the walls turquoise or something close to that. You can also try mint-green for a more relaxing feel. My bathroom is a merry mix of different shades of blue that’s why I like spending time in there, hehe! =)

  10. I don't think it looks bad at all. It's actually cute, but you’re also right. Your new place could use some “face lift.” Maybe you should try painting lively colors on the walls to break away from the monotony of the dominant brown and white motif. :)


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