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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Name that Plant because I really don't know!

Allrighty, Now onto the glorious garden at my new home. One of the reasons I loved this house so much was the great garden in the back, however, I am a beginner gardener and know oh so little about plants and their care.  My friends were joking about how I was a control freak, wanting to know what all of the plants were in order to properly care for them, but isn't that what gardening is all about? Anyways I would appreciate it if out there in the blogosphere folks could help me identify these plants because I have no clue! I have also given them my own names for right now...

 "Weed Looking base Morning hello Flower"
These were a lovely surprise, when I began taking a look at the garden about a month ago, the bases for these flowers looked like a variegated red and green weed. Because I knew that it had the potential to be something else I waited and my what a surprise, they are such a lovely delight to see. They come out in the mornings and the evenings when the sun isn't too hot and they close themselves back up again when it is...
 "Horton in purple"
 All I think of when I see this is Horton hears a hoo...

 "Clover looking base dew drop fancy flower"
I have these flowers all over the yard, there are pink ones and purple ones and the bushy thing in the background of this photo is one of the bases for these a plethora of these flowers.

 "Neat Leaf Plant"
 A lovely little plant with very interesting leaves, but what is it?
 "Mega size lily of the valley"
I know this is fairly common, I just don't know what it is!

"Could be Dogwood"
This is a bush that is in the back, I thought it might be dogwood,  but when we bought the house, the branches were not the colour of dogwood in winter, so any guesses would help!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Round 1 of Renovation finished

Well, I haven't posted in awhile cause, gosh, I have been busy! In three weeks, my husband, mom and dad and I, all did so much to our little house. We took down four rooms worth of wallpaper, put holes in the walls, fixed the holes in the walls, painted, put down laminate flooring, painted over wood paneling, painted ceilings, put in a dishwasher, fixed ALL of the electrical in the house, painted and put down new baseboard, packed up one house, and moved into another. ( Thank you to everyone who helped us move!) We are really happy with our house and still have a ton of unpacking to do, however we are now living in the house permanently! There is a lot more space in this house, so I have room for more art and more fun! Once I have my spaces a bit more organized I will show better pictures, but this is all I have for now, sans furniture.I don't think anyone will be terribly excited to see rooms full of boxes.

This is the bathroom fixer upper. All we really did was take down the wallpaper above ( they were so kind to leave 2 more rolls of it for us...yeech) , remove the medicine cabinet at the bottom right hand corner, and then we painted.  The bones of the space were okay.  I actually really like some of the detail that they put into the space, I like the lamp, ( my parents think Paul and I are crazy for liking all of the old lamps in this house..) and I really like the built in stained plywood paneled storage space. The Grey colour I picked looks reallllly purple in the light, but it matches the tile in the floor, so I like it.

I have painted this mirror a nice clean white, because I wasn't crazy about the gold, sorry no pictures yet. Also Paul and I were antiquing on the weekend and we found this exact same mirror for sale.  Now we know were cool, tee hee..

So that is all the renovating we are going to do for awhile, but we plan to paint the basement, organize and decorate my studio, Paul wants to build a murphy bed into the office, update and organize the workshop, oragnize alllll of our books and find places for everything!  I could go on with the wish list though! I am really happy with our little house.  Everyday it feels more and more real.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 13 - Kitchen!

 I have been reading a lot from a website called retrorenovation.com, and their philosophy really makes sense to me.  It talks a lot about preserving some typically well made 50's and 60's kitchens and returning them to the state they began in. Mine is such a kitchen! However, I think I will probably still keep the things I love just throw in hints on the vintage!

Here it is before we began doing anything. This kitchen was interesting. It clearly had gone through several remodels through the ages and quite a large one in the 80's. There were two different wallpapers on the walls and neither of them went with the floor. I was not a fan of the floral baskets which adorned most of the walls so it all came down. The Kitchen walls had been wallpapered over wall paper in some spots and overall we found three different types of wallpaper.  Underneath all the wallpaper we discovered un-primed gyprock paper.

 It was really tricky when trying to take off the wallpaper as it got confusing which was the wallpaper backing and which was the gyprock paper, however it all came off with the help of a few friends ( Thank-you guys!).  We then put up a TON of putty to try and even out the surface along with a lot of sanding. It took three days to get it to a point where we could prime the walls.

We chose kind of a crazy colour for our kitchen. I really liked this colour the minute I saw it and most people would say it is a bold choice, however, I think it goes really well with the kitchen and the style of the kitchen as well. It is called "Sweet Pea" and it is from Home Hardware.

I can't say we did a lot to this kitchen except take down wallpaper and paint. We both loved the bones as crazy as that might seem to some who are used to massive white kitchens, so we really didn't want to change much. It is quaint and cute and is actually totally reasonable for two people who communicate well to work in ( the communicating well part is essential!) There were three people in there working for a bit and it was not good, so if we stick with two we will be fine. I really love this kitchen and can't wait to move in and finish dressing it all up with the things we have and get new funky things to adorn it!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 13 - Studio Renovation moving along...

 Above you can see a picture of what my studio looked like before, faux wood paneling with white doors. 
Also please take a close look at that carpet. When we ripped that out there was a sticker on it that said "1981" and the underpadding on that turned to dust when you stepped on it. It was a non-negotiable demolition that had to happen because it was just so gross.
 Below you can see what we have done in the room so far!  We have taken out the carpeting, fixed the electrical and updated it, we have painted the ceiling, walls, window casings and doors in that room in "Believe" which is a warm white from Home Hardware. We have also almost finished putting down the laminate flooring which is an "antique oak"plank style from RONA.

It is actually really amazing what some paint can do and a lot of hard work.  The ceiling was very difficult to paint. I was very lucky I had help from my parents for a couple of the coats! We still have to put trim up and baseboard, but it is going to be a wonderfully white clean space to work in! I can't wait to dress the windows and walls and decorate to turn that into a productive little space for myself!