Round 1 of Renovation finished

Well, I haven't posted in awhile cause, gosh, I have been busy! In three weeks, my husband, mom and dad and I, all did so much to our little house. We took down four rooms worth of wallpaper, put holes in the walls, fixed the holes in the walls, painted, put down laminate flooring, painted over wood paneling, painted ceilings, put in a dishwasher, fixed ALL of the electrical in the house, painted and put down new baseboard, packed up one house, and moved into another. ( Thank you to everyone who helped us move!) We are really happy with our house and still have a ton of unpacking to do, however we are now living in the house permanently! There is a lot more space in this house, so I have room for more art and more fun! Once I have my spaces a bit more organized I will show better pictures, but this is all I have for now, sans furniture.I don't think anyone will be terribly excited to see rooms full of boxes.

This is the bathroom fixer upper. All we really did was take down the wallpaper above ( they were so kind to leave 2 more rolls of it for us...yeech) , remove the medicine cabinet at the bottom right hand corner, and then we painted.  The bones of the space were okay.  I actually really like some of the detail that they put into the space, I like the lamp, ( my parents think Paul and I are crazy for liking all of the old lamps in this house..) and I really like the built in stained plywood paneled storage space. The Grey colour I picked looks reallllly purple in the light, but it matches the tile in the floor, so I like it.

I have painted this mirror a nice clean white, because I wasn't crazy about the gold, sorry no pictures yet. Also Paul and I were antiquing on the weekend and we found this exact same mirror for sale.  Now we know were cool, tee hee..

So that is all the renovating we are going to do for awhile, but we plan to paint the basement, organize and decorate my studio, Paul wants to build a murphy bed into the office, update and organize the workshop, oragnize alllll of our books and find places for everything!  I could go on with the wish list though! I am really happy with our little house.  Everyday it feels more and more real.


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