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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I return with flowers!

Hey Everybody!
It's been a long time since I have posted anything, but buying a new house and working lots of overtime will do that to a blogger! However, I would love to shower you with flowers! Well, that is flowers from my backyard, I really just think it's amazing when anything new pops up because it's already so  lush to begin with and then something else that is crazy beautiful pops up. I thought I would share my wee little journey with these flowers with you!
 An Iris, with the background of plastic ducks which came with the house.
 Funny story about these poppies.  I have a great big garden in my yard, and I thought what would come up would all be vegetables.  When these waxy leaves started springing up I thought I had swiss chard. Woops -They were totally Poppies. Good thing I didn't actually eat any.
 This amazing looking flower is actually some kind of a poppy! When all of the petals fell off it had the exact same seed bomb as the other poppies, how fascinating is that! I think they are such a gorgeous fascinating surprise.
Not sure what these are called, but I have several locations in my garden with these beautiful blue flowers springing up everywhere. 

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