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Saturday, July 14, 2012

My very own Raspberries!

For most people who actually know how to garden this is probably not a big deal, but for the first time ever I picked raspberries from the backyard in my new house! It was totally awesome! I also discovered that my dog will eat them right off the bush. I have no idea if that is good for him or not. (eek?) however, I have quite a huge swath of raspberries. It's very exciting. Silly but exciting. Here is a photo of my first pickings... Since this photo I have picked about 3 pints off the bush.

I have already made a raspberry crumble with them and it is so easy I don't even measure any more, I just kind of throw it all together hoping for the best! Toss about 1 cup of oats, 1/4 flour, 1/8 cup of margarine or softened butter, a bit of nutmeg and a lot ( teaspoon or two) of cinnamon, about 2 tbs of brown sugar. Mix that together, put it on top of your raspberries and toss it in the oven at about 350 until it's crispy on the top ( about 40 minutes)  and voila! What a treat!


  1. Hi, I absolutely adore the photo of the "I am silently correcting your grammer" . I found it on Pinterest and wanted to ask if you have given permission for it to be circulating around that social site? I just read an article by a blogger who rightfully reminds us that we should ask permission to repost images and so I write to you. Is it okay by you that I have your photo on my Pinterest board? (Is it yours? If not, where did you get it so I might ask permission?) Regards, Christine London londonchristine "at" hotmail "dot" c o m

    1. Hey, christine
      Well, i did not make that hoop it was made by craftster user Homerof2. I posted the picture after i recieved it in a craft swap. She would be the person to ask. I can ask her if she is comfortable with that and let you know.