Teaching at "Off the wall"

Hey Folks
It's been three weeks since my last post and boy have I ever been busy! I went to Winnipeg for a week in the relaxing outdoors of Falcon Lake, then I spent the last two weeks teaching a propmaking course with Off The Wall - Stratford Artist's Alliance.  This is a great organization that teaches backstage and artistic skills of all kinds. I had a great experience teaching students of all ages about maskmaking, puppetry, carpentry, painting and sewing. I was very impressed with their abilities, attitudes and ideas.

This is a chandelier that 3 students worked on to make. One student bent and welded this together, the others used spoons, plastic champagne glasses, packing tape and some vacuum-formed beads to create this very cool piece. It isn't quite finished in this picture.
If you are wondering what this is - It ends up turning into a Russian ceramic stove. I will also show pictures of how this turns on out when it gets finished. It is an incredible transformation.

If you are interested in learning backstage skills or other interesting artistic skills this is a great place to learn them.  I believe there are several workshops in the fall coming up - there is a sculpture course, a hat making course, a bijoux course ( bijoux is jewellery making and costume decoration..), a scenic painting course, an introduction to tailoring and a corset making course.  All of the teachers for these courses are absolutely amazing in their field and are fantastic teachers, so if this interests you check out this site:  http://www.stratfordoffthewall.com/classes-fall.html


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