A little paper quilling "Creation"

 Inspiration is a funny thing. One minute you have nothing to say, and the next you are churning out work like a mad quiller... well that has been my experience lately. I had this notion of surrounding myself in words that would inspire me, beautifully quilled words that make you feel warm and fuzzy with there colourful surroundings.  So I began to quill and in the next week or so you will see how much I have done lately!
 I say: Let's create. Let's create people, let's create art, let's create joy... oh boy I am sounding like a super cheeseball, but why not? I chose to surround the word with a simple shape: a diamond. They can be used to make so many more interesting shapes and patterns I really just had fun with it!
This is the first time I have used white as the letter outline paper, it did present some challenges but I liked how it turned out. 


  1. Cool and dimond idea ive seen for the first time... looks like cells that are creating a body...


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