Grow and never stop growing!

Another bit of inspiration: Grow....  Lately I have been stretching myself and pushing myself to grow inwardly and to become more of the person I want to be. I guess that really only happens through change and growth. This word is a great reminder for me to not be really upset with my mistakes as I must simply grow from them. 
 This flower is from my garden in the spring, I don't know what it is..( surprise, surprise... I don't know what half the flowers in my garden are..) However I thought it was really pretty so I used it here.  I am really happy with the way the flower turned out and hope that I will do more flowers like this in the future. The two tone pinks came out better than I had anticipated...
I also am in love with this font. I have changed it a bit from the original but it is called Pinstripe Limo.. love it!


  1. You have such a talent for quilling!! I love seeing your work. I feel like this is a craft that was nearly extinct so it's great to see someone breathing new life into it :).


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