Paper out on the sea... "Water" quilling

 Water, water, everywhere...

The Latest in my series of earth, fire, wind, water.. I may have said this before in other blog posts but I do really like creating waves with paper quilling.  The fluidity of the paper and of the easiest curved shapes it makes creates water with very little imagination or work on my part.  Hence why I spent a bit of time figuring out different ways to show water. I wanted it to be water in more than one form, so I chose to do some sections with some still water and some sections with some very vibrantly moving water. 
I have also made a big shift in my choice of base paper. I had been working for quite some time with thick cardstock, but I found I was still getting reactions in the paper to moisture and there was some warping. To counteract that I tried a plethora of different glues, but I didn't like a lot of them because the less wrinkles you have the shinier the glue.  I have now moved to 1/16th inch thick matte board and it works like a charm, no wrinkling and I can use my favourite kind of glue, just regular elmer's glue. It dries with a lovely matte finish!


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