Quiller Peace Dove

With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to a couple of pieces that could stay up all year round, but would have a special meaning on your wall at your Christmas time.  Therefore I created this "Peace". I have been enjoying the wickedness that is zen doodling and really tried to use some of those styles to fill in this peace dove.

I was attempting to create some tranquility in the colour scheme by choosing teals, blues and whites.

I hope you like it! This piece also feels like a jumping off point for me.  I really do like the zen doodle approach to filling in the space and I have already several ideas in my mind of pieces I would like to create using it.


  1. This is my absolute favorite of all of your creations!! So pretty - the swirly fillers and the colors are perfect.

  2. That's really an amazing piece of work, loved it!!

  3. Really Beautiful!!


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