Sculpture Class - Makin' a lady.

I believe in constantly challenging myself and recently I had the opportunity to take a really great class on two weekends with Off the Wall Artists Studio.  I have actually taught there myself, but I had the opportunity to study sculpture with Ruth Abernathy and I didn't want to pass that up.  Ruth has done some amazing bronze sculptures all across the country and she also has worked in theatre making props. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to pick her brain about sculpture and propmaking and she showed me a very practical and fascinating way to sculpt. We also  prepared our pieces like they would be finished for a bronze sculpture which is done with hot wax.  Here is the piece that I came up with.

As I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to sculpt before I started the course I began with a drawing of a woman from four different angles, however there was not a great deal of focus on the neck and head in the drawing and I can see where that is where I needed to do a bit more work on that relationship in this sculpture. However it is a learning experience so I don't feel so bad! 

The wax is a fascinating process, It can be entirely frustrating as it can be difficult to manipulate. Fellow Artist Marc, was attempting to get a smooth surface on the wax which took a great deal of time to get something that was satisfactory.  I made this sculpture on the first weekend, and have started a polar bear in the second weekend, but it is going to need a bit more work before I would call it finished.

All in all I was very happy that I took the course. It gave me a lot of confidence in my sculpting skills, as well as a very practical way to approach sculpture as a propmaker.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about sculpting! 


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