Tiny Quiller pieces...

I have been on a quilling bender recently and have been doing almost a piece a day. Here's a few I have worked on, so expect more on the blog soon, because I have been a busy gal!

 I found a plethora of tiny wooden frames for a good deal, so I picked them up. They are 2 inches by 2 inches and the space inside is really only 1 inch squared.   I decided to challenge myself to see how hard it would be to get tiny detail in the style that I do quilling.  I chose three totally different subjects.  A poppy from my backyard, a fossil and a cupcake... I feel like there is a joke in there somewhere...


Here they are:

The poppy I think was the best success story from this tiny quilling adventure, I like the way the shape turned out. It also inspired me to do more flowers in the future..

The Fossil was acutally really hard to do, as you can see it was difficult to get all those tiny lines to correspond with one another in a way that made sense, but I think overall the image is clear, I just wish I could have portrayed the shadows that really made the original image pop.

The cupcake was really just kind of fun... Tiny cupcakes should bring a smile to someone's face...


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